Requirements needed to rent a car for Self Drive Kenya?

Requirements needed to rent a car for Self Drive Kenya?

Requirements needed to rent a car for Self Drive Kenya?

Kenya has set its own policies on self drive car rental in order to avoid malpractices in the travel industry. Due to the increase in car theft crimes, whoever wants to go for a self drive safari to Masai Mara, Nairobi, Mombasa or Malindi, you have to present documents that prove your nationality, identity & the ones that permit you to drive on foreign roads. The basics needed for you to rent a car for self drive in Kenya are;

Valid Passport

When renting a car in Kenya, you must present a copy of your valid passport on our reservation table. The passport is a crucial requirement because it acts as a valid form of identification and provides proof for your nationality. There is no rental company in Kenya that will accept to give you their car without you presenting a valid passport to them.

Valid driving permit/ international driver’s license

In case you want to rent a car for self drive Kenya, you must possess a valid driving permit from your home country or an international driver’s license. The driving license confirms that you are an experienced and responsible driver making it easier for us to trust you with our vehicle. Note that no rental company in Kenya will ever give you a car for self drive without presenting a valid driver’s license or driving permit.

Minimum and Maximum age

When it comes to self drive car rental Kenya, there is a certain age limit that is set by most of the car rental companies in the country. Although driving in Kenya starts at 18 years of age, we only give out cars for self drive to those who have at least a 3 year driving experience and that is 21 years and above. We are very sure that someone who has a 3 year driving experience is more responsible on the road. The maximum age of renting a car for self drive Kenya is 75. We are convinced that beyond 75 years of age, you cannot drive for long and the sight is not so perfect. So we can’t risk putting your life in danger since Kenyan roads need a more active and fast driver.

Is it safe to self drive Kenya?

Self drive is a very safe option for travelers in Kenya as the country has a number of well-developed road network and popular destinations that can easily be accessed by car. However, it is very crucial to exercise caution, drive defensively and always be aware of the local’s driving manners. In order for added safety, you are advised to follow the local traffic rules. You are further advised not to drive in the night as you are not so familiar with the country’s road networks. In case of any mechanical problem, you should let us know before allowing anyone to touch on the vehicle.

How is driving in Kenya?

Self drive Kenya is a very great choice as it gives an exceptional experience. However it can be so tiresome at times especially during the peak hours when the traffic jam is abnormal. Despite it all, self drive in Kenya remains the best choice to explore Kenya’s stunning landscapes as it helps you navigate to off-the beaten paths discovering hidden gems which you would not discover with public transport.

While driving in Kenya, you must respect the speed limits which are; 80km/hr on highways, 50km/hr in busy towns. This might seem to be so limited but a 4×4 Land cruiser with luggage is categorized under heavy vehicles. So you must follow the given speed limits for a safer trip.

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