Long term car rental Kenya

Long term car rental Kenya is a convenient and affordable option for both locals and international travelers. Are you in need of a car for an extended period of time in Kenya? It is better you look no further than long term car rental services in Kenya. With this car rental option, travelers can have a rental car at their disposal for more than weeks.

With a wide range of vehicles to choose from, you can choose a vehicle that will very well suit your needs. Looking for a compact car to navigate the bursting city Nairobi or spacious SUVs for long road trips? We have got you covered. Our vehicles are well maintained and serviced to give you a perfect self dive Kenya experience. Instead of relying on public transportation which disappoints, you should consider renting a car for long term since it comes with big discounts.

Benefits of Long term car rental Kenya

Freedom and Flexibility

Renting a car for long term in Kenya provides a lot of convenience and flexibility for travelers who require a vehicle for an extended period of time.

Excellent customer services

When you rent a car for long term in Kenya, you are not responsible for servicing and maintaining it. And in case of any brake down during your rental period, you only have to inform us immediately so that we send you our agents who will help you fix the car at zero cost.

Cost effectiveness

When you rent a car for long term in Kenya, you will be more likely to receive big discounts compared to short term car rental enabling you to save more.

High functionality

Our cars which are available for long term car rental are 4×4 vehicles which gives you an assurance of a safe and stress free journey especially when you are planning to drive of the road. These cars have high on and off-road capabilities which give them a high function.

Flexibility of rental periods

In case you rent a car and your rental period ends but you would still want to enjoy the vehicle, you are very free to expand your rental period and this comes at no extra cost. All you have to do is to inform us days before the end of the contract so that we can organize for other clients.

Tips for long term car rental Kenya

Master the traffic rules of Kenya

It is very ethical that before driving in any foreign country, you should first read and understand the rules and regulation that govern its road use. Well the first thing you should note is that in Kenya, driving is on the left side of the road.

Choose a 4×4 car

Having a 4×4 car on your trip will give you best driving experience since these cars make it very easy for you to navigate through areas with poor road conditions. Vehicles with 4×4 systems are very strong in that they can handle all kinds of terrains.

Book in advance and pay 40%

Booking a rental car in advance not only helps to secure you travel but also helps you get the most affordable Kenya car rental rates. When you book a car in Kenya, you should at least make a deposit of 40% just to confirm that you are serious about it.

Keep in touch

When you book a car from us, you are advised to keep checking on us continuously until your dates of travel. In case of any change in your rental duration, maybe you want to make extensions or deductions, mind to let us know in time. This will help us make proper planning for other bookings.

How much is long term car rental Kenya?

Renting a car for long terms or extended periods in Kenya is such a cost effective and reliable option that will not only help you to save thousands of dollars but also enable you have  a stress free moment with the since you will not be responsible for servicing and maintaining the it. You only role will be driving and enjoying the comfort ability of the vehicle and the stressing part to us.

The cost of long term car rental Kenya will definitely depend on the type of the car you choose and its specifications. Car rental rates for long term car rental in Kenya are as low as $150-$200 per day for 4×4 Land cruisers.

How to rent a car for long terms in Kenya

Would you like to rent a car for extended periods or long term in Nairobi Kenya? Here is the fastest and most convenient way. For Quick replies, you can directly call or whatsapp us on +256704538374/+256781451037. You can also visit our contact us page, fill in the booking form relevantly and then submit. Within 3 to 4 working hours, our car rental experts will get back to you with the best car rental deals available. Another way to reach us is by writing to us on info@sefldriveskenya.com.


Best cars for Long term car rental

4X4 Land cruiser V8/VX 
Land cruiser V8
4×4 Land cruiser TX/TZ
Land cruiser TX for hire in Kenya
4×4 Land cruiser GX manual
Land cruiser GX manual
4×4 Land cruiser Hardtop/70 series

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