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Are you puzzled on which car to rent during you coming  self drive trip in Kenya? We have arranged for you a variety of 4×4 vehicles among our car fleet to choose from . The vehicles are equipped with all the requirements for off-road adventures ensuring a safe and stress free journey. Our 4×4 cars are well maintained and serviced in order to give you the best self drive experience in Kenya.

Land cruiser GX

Land cruiser GX manual

Are you seeking to travel in a very luxurious and high class way? You should look no further than this GX manual land cruiser as it is equipped with a very spacious and impressing interior that will definitely give you a stress free ride. 

Land cruiser V8

This vehicle is one of the most popular vehicles for 4×4 car rental for self drive Kenya. It is well known for its spacious and comfortable interior more so its exceptional off-road capabilities. With its four wheel drive system and powerful engine, this strong SUV is a perfect choice for Kenya’s terrains during off-road adventures.

Land cruiser TX

Land cruiser TX for hire in Kenya

Land Cruiser TX/TZ also known as Prado is a highly sought-after vehicle for both self drive and car rental with a driver in Kenya. It is well known for its durability, comfort ability and ruggedness, this spacious land cruiser is a perfect choice for off-road adventures. 

Land cruiser Hardtop

This Land cruiser has a rugged exterior design and powerful engine give it the audacity to handle rough and uneven roads with ease. Its four-wheel drive system delivers an excellent traction, allowing the vehicle to navigate through muddy or sandy terrain. 

Safari Land cruiser

Hire a safari land cruiser in Kenya

The Safari Land cruiser which is also known as the Land cruiser Extended is the most ideal vehicle for Kenya safaris and other off-road adventures. The vehicle comes with a popup roof that gives a clear view of wild nature.  With its 4×4 system, this land cruiser can navigate to all parts of the country regardless of rough terrains.

Saloon Cars

Toyota wish is the most common of all saloon cars that are available for self drive Kenya car rental especially for family trips. This vehicle has a maximum seating capacity of 7 passengers and ample space for the travelers’ luggage. The Toyota Wish is such a unique vehicle that it can handle long distances provided it moves on only well paved roads.

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At self drive Kenya, we offer a variety of self drive options for both local and international travelers. With a wide range of 4×4 vehicles to choose from, travelers are free to select the one that can fulfill their desires.

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