Family Car Rental Kenya

Family Car Rental Kenya is a convenient and reliable option for travelers looking to explore the beautiful landscapes of the country as a family. Having a wide range of vehicles to choose from, such as sedans and SUVs, you will have an opportunity to choose one that perfectly suits your needs. Our vehicles are well maintained and serviced to deliver the best driving experience. Whether you are planning to cruise on the highway or go to the National parks with your family, renting a 4×4 car is the best choice.

Tips for family car rental Kenya

Consider your family size before renting a car

Before renting a car for your family trips in Kenya, you need to first compare the vehicle’s seating capacity with your family size and travel needs.

Book in advance

When planning for a family trip in Kenya, you are advised to book the vehicle in advance and pay at least 40% of the total rental dues. This is done to secure your trip by reserving yourself a rental car since it is very difficult and expensive to rent a car at the exact date of your trip. You may even find out that there is no availability of your desired vehicle at the moment.

Rent a car with a driver

Renting a car with a driver helps you spend more time with your family instead of keeping your eyes on the road. Since our drivers are well versed with the country’s destinations, we assure you a very safe and adventurous trip.

Ensure that you have the required documents

The basic requirements you have to present when renting a car in Kenya are; a passport or VISA and in case of self drive car rental, you should present a valid driver’s License.

Best options for family car rental Kenya

We have arranged a well-equipped 4×4 car fleet with different cars having different specifications and rental costs. You are free to look through our fleet and choose your desired choice, a car that perfectly suits your needs for self drive Kenya, self drive Tanzania and Uganda car rental. Among our popular cars for family trips in Kenya are;

The Land cruiser V8

The Land Cruiser V8 is a perfect choice for those going for family trips in Kenya. With its high seating capacity, spacious interior & comfortable seating, it can comfortably accommodate a family of 7 people. Whether you’re cruising on the city streets of Nairobi, on a road trip from Nairobi to Mombasa or exploring the beautiful landscapes of Kenya, Land Cruiser V8 has a powerful engine and exceptional off-road capabilities that help you navigate the rough terrains easily.

Land cruiser Prado TX

 The Land cruiser Prado TX is one of the most affordable and fuel efficient 4×4 vehicles that are available for family car rental Kenya. It has a comfortable and luxurious seating that can accommodate to maximum of 7 people making it an ideal option for family trips. Land cruiser TX is a very popular vehicle due to its exceptional road capabilities.

Land cruiser GX manual

The Land cruiser GX manual is a very strong and reliable SUV that combines safety, comfort and luxury in one journey. Its adjustable and spacious seating makes it an ideal choice for families of about 6 people who would want a smooth and safe ride. The Land cruiser GX which is available for family car rental Kenya has a manual transmission, high ground clearance, powerful engine, 4×4 system and a robust suspension system which enable it to conquer rough terrains and still give a smooth ride. In addition, this vehicle also uses Diesel which makes it more fuel economical.

Safari Van 

The Safari Van which is available for rent in Kenya is a very perfect choice for travelers who would like to explore the stunning landscapes of Kenya as a family. This vehicle  has seating capacity of up to 8 passengers. It comes with a popup roof which gives you a clear view of nature especially during game drives in Kenya’s National parks. Note that this vehicle strictly comes  with a driver.


Best Family Cars to Rent in Kenya

Safari Van

Rent a safari van in Kenya

Safari Land cruiser

safari land cruiser for rent in Kenya

Land cruiser TX

hire a land cruiser TX in Kenya

Land cruiser V8

Land cruiser GX Manual

Land cruiser GX manual

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