Factors that influence car rental costs in Kenya

There are a number of factors that influence car rental costs in Kenya both positively and negatively. These factors below greatly determine the costs of rental cars in Kenya.

 Type and model of car

Car rental rates in Kenya differ and vary depending on the type and model of the car chosen by the traveler. In general, luxurious and spacious cars happen to have higher rental costs when compared to economy ones. This is simply because luxury cars are very expensive to buy and maintain. Therefore, the rental companies have no other choice than passing on these costs to the travelers. Since the economy cars are a bit cheaper to purchase and maintain, rental companies can give them out at lower costs.

Travel Destinations

The costs of renting a car in Kenya can also vary basing on where you plan to travel to with the car. If you are planning to rent a car and drive in only Nairobi, the rental costs happen to be cheaper than going the National Parks or other remote areas. This because Nairobi’s roads  are not so bad to break down a 4×4 vehicle which is not the case when you drive to the National parks with un paved roads.

Number of Travelers

When renting a car in Kenya, it is obvious that the price is usually higher for larger groups since they need larger cars to accommodate them with enough space for their luggage.  However, this can be another way of saving during the trip. Since they are many travelers, they can decide to split the expenses among themselves hence making it more convenient. In this case, it is very important for you to consider the number of travelers before renting a car in Kenya for a better experience.

Booking Time

When it comes to renting a car in Kenya, the time of your booking can greatly affect the rental costs. In most cases, when you book a car in advance, there are many chances of getting discounted rates. However this will only be if you agree to pay a certain percentage in advance. Note that renting a car a few days to or even the starting date of your trip is often more expensive compared to booking in advance. You will have high chances of not getting a car of your choice or even fail to get any.

Rental Duration

Many car rental companies in Kenya tend to give bigger discounts to clients who rent cars for very long periods. The longer the rental duration, the lower the cost per day. Remember when you rent a car for a month and above, the rental company will be in charge of maintaining the car and will give you all time road side assistance on case of a breakdown.

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