Self drive car rental Kenya

Self drive car rental Kenya is becoming a very popular and reliable car rental option that allows one to navigate the country at their own pace. With this self drive car rental, both locals and tourists have a chance of driving through Kenya’s diverse land scapes and explore off the beaten paths. With its convenience, self drive Kenya gives a very unique way unique way of exploring the country.

Self drive car rental Kenya with a rooftop tent

Have you thought of spending your nights closer to wild nature, waking up with very beautiful nature view? With self drives Kenya, you will have the best safari experience as we offer self drive cars with a rooftop tent which gives you an elevated and comfortable sleeping space.

When you rent a car with a rooftop tent for self drive Kenya, you will not only have the freedom to choose where to spend the night but also save thousands of dollars which would be used on booking for the expensive lodges.

Tips for self drive car rental Kenya

  • Book the vehicle in advance

In case you want to rent a car for self drive Kenya, you should book it at least a month before your travel. Booking the car in advance will help secure rates as they may increase with time.

  • Make digital copies of your important documents

When you are planning to self drive Kenya, mind to make copies of your useful documents before you start you self-guided trip. Having digital copies of documents such as your driving permit, passport will help you recover them in case you lose them during your trip.

  • Make research on Kenya’s traffic rules

It is very ethical to read and understand the traffic rules of the country before attempting to drive on its roads. This will help to reduce the risks of accidents since you will be driving on foreign roads.

  • Purchase a local simcards

Before starting a self drive Kenya trip, you are advised to buy local simcards which will help you access the internet. In case of any problem during the trip, you have to let us know and see how we can be of help to you.

  • Note down your emergency contacts

If you are planning to explore Kenya’s National parks, reserves and other tourist destinations which are far away from the city, you are highly advised to note down your emergency contacts. This will help in case of any misfortune faced during the trip.

  • Move with cash but not in big amounts

When going for self drive trips in Kenya, you should move with some cash for purchasing fast items such as beautiful African handmade crafts, drinks, snacks and many more. However, you should not move with big amounts of cash as it may be so risky.

  • Don’t splash cash in public

When you are to count money, please do it in private at it may attract thieves to take advantage of you.

  • Keep in touch with your family and friends

Update your family and friends about every single move you make. This will help get traced in case you get lost in the wilderness or fall into shit during your trip.

  • Drive during day

Since you are not well versed with Kenya’s routes, you are advised to only drive during day as some of the routes are not so safe during night hours.

Self drive Tours in Kenya

car rental kenya with a popup roof

Are you planning to go for wild life safaris in Kenya? Due to the fact that public transportation is not that much convenient, self drive tours in Kenya will give you the best experience as you will have freedom to travel on your own pace with enough privacy. While self driving in Kenya, it is no doubt that you will be acquiring better driving experience since you will be driving in a foreign country.

Rent a car for long term in Kenya

Long term car rental Kenya is a convenient and affordable option for both locals and international travelers. Are you in need of a car for an extended period of time in Kenya? It is better you look no further than long term car rental services in Kenya. With this car rental option, travelers can have a rental car at their disposal for more than weeks.

Best vehicles for self drive car rental Kenya

When you are renting a car for self drive Kenya, consider renting a 4×4 vehicle as it will give you the best driving experience since it has exceptional road capabilities. Whether you going to navigate Kenya’s national parks, go for a long business trip or simply have a city tour around Nairobi, Renting a 4×4 land cruiser will give you a lot of convenience. We have got a wide range of 4×4 vehicles for you to choose the one that will perfectly match your needs and among them are;

Land cruiser V8

Land cruiser V8/VX

Land cruiser V8 is a very strong and reliable SUV that is available for self drive car hire in Nairobi Kenya. This luxury vehicle is well known for its spacious and heavenly interior that gives comfortable rides to its passengers. It can seat to about 4 to 5 passengers comfortably and enough space for luggage and back parks. With its four wheel drive system and powerful engine, Land cruiser V8 can manage to tackle all kinds of road terrains  and still gives you a comfortable ride while self driving in Kenya.

Land cruiser Hardtop

Land cruiser Hardtop

The Land Cruiser Box model, also known as the land cruiser hardtop or 70 series, is a highly recommended vehicle when it comes to off-road adventures. It is well known for its reliability and exceptional off-road capabilities. The Box model comes with a manual transmission which allows for precise control and a more engaging driving experience while on self drive Kenya.


$170 / day

Land cruiser GX manual

Land cruiser GX manual

The Land Cruiser GX is a reliable and spacious SUV with a manual transmission. With its powerful engine and exceptional off-road capabilities, this vehicle was designed to tackle rough terrains. The manual transmission gives you full control of the vehicle while driving in Kenya’s national parks.Land cruiser GX manual is a versatile, reliable and dependable choice. 


Land cruiser TX for hire in Kenya

Land cruiser TX/TZ

Land cruiser TX/TZ is a mid-size SUV with a very unique and comfortable interior which makes it a perfect choice for long travels. It is one of the cheapest 4×4 vehicles to hire in Nairobi Kenya. The land cruiser TX has a seating capacity of 4 to 5 passengers and can be easily customized with a popup roof making it more ideal for Kenya safaris.


$80/ day

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    car rental kenya with a popup roof

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